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First Youtube video! 動画を作ってみました!

It's been a pretty challenging 6 weeks here in NYC, but I hope everyone is well, healthy and staying safe.

To be honest, I didn't think this change to our everyday life will last this long when it started.... But now we all know, this "new normal" will continue and I don't know when I can start my regular Wagashi making lesson again, I made a quick tutorial video on how to make Nerikiri dough!

For those who doesn't know what Nerikiri is.....

Nerikiri is a traditional Japanese confectionery often served at tea ceremony and made by sweet white bean paste called "Shiro An'. It's like white edible play doe and you can make many beautiful sweets which represent four season by it's color and shape.

Here is my first video and I hope this will help you to try making your first Nerikiri dough.

Please enjoy!






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