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About Temari NY

At Temari NY, we teach how to make beautiful, cute and tasty decorative sushi roll and Wagashi (Japanese confectionery).

You can make these beautiful food art easily at home, with all the ingredient that you can get from the stores in NY.


I hope you will join us to lean how to make these beautiful sushi and cute wagashi and entertain your friends and families with your own food art!

Meet Mari

Hello, my name is Mari.

I am an instructor at Temari NY who teaches how to make "Wagashi" (Japanese confectionery) and "Kazari Maki Sushi (decorative Sushi)".

I started to make "kyaraben" (a cute bento box with anime characters and animals) when my kids were little, wishing they would enjoy their lunch box and eat all their lunches.


I love making beautiful and cute food art and met "Kazari Maki Sushi" (decorative sushi roll) and Wagashi (Traditional Japanese sweets) making and totally fell in love with it.

Eventually, I got certified as a "Nerikiri (Traditional Japanese Sweets) Art instructor" as well as 1st level of "Kazari Maki Sushi (decorative Sushi)" instructor in Japan.

Now my passion is to share these beautiful Japanese food art here in New York City and teach more people to enjoy making them at home.

I can't be more happier if I can share the joy of making "Wagashi" (Japanese confectionery) and "Kazari Maki Sushi (decorative Sushi)" and make even one more person happier!

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