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How to make perfect California roll with sushi mold

Updated: Jul 6

An easy hack to make perfect California roll in 5 minutes using the sushi mold.

Have you ever experienced that your sushi roll turned into a wired shape, not perfectly round, but more like squashed triangle or square? Or the roll wasn’t tight enough, so there was a gap in the middle and the filing starts to fall apart?? Well, I have experienced these problems before and know that they are so disappointing and frustrating!

Or maybe, some of you want to throw a sushi party at home, but you may feel overwhelmed…… the thought of rolling several rolls, one by one, seems to be time-consuming and you feel like you just don’t have time or patient for it…..

I used to feel the same way too. When people find out that I’m a Japanese and can make sushi, they sometimes asked me if I can make sushi for a house party. Or other times, I was asked by my kid’s school to make sushi for the school international food event etc…. and I felt that I don’t have time to roll so many sushi rolls after my work hours….

But then one day…..

Sushi mold

I found this sushi mold at a dollar shop in Japan and it totally changed my idea of daily sushi making!

This tool helped me to make sushi much easier and faster. Now I could literally make perfect round roll in 5 minutes. I used to buy several of these molds as a souvenir from Japan and gave them to my friends.

Luckily you can now purchase this from Amazon. This set, not only includes the mold for regular size roll but includes 5 different types of sushi mold. (I have one set too!)

I personally love the product description on Amazon as well….. it says:

“Even Japanese, it is very difficult to make beautiful sushi of uniform size. But by using the kit you can easily make five beautiful sushi. You can shorten cooking time. “

Well, this is so true…. I am a Japanese and do feel like making perfect round shape sushi roll every time is not easy! But this tool definitely makes me feel that “making sushi is an easy task” that I can offer to make other people happy! Now I can say:

Making sushi for a family potluck party? No problem!

Making sushi for sushi for school events? No problem!

I still use the traditional bamboo sushi mat when I make decorative sushi roll, however I use this mold for everyday use to make regular sushi roll, for example making a sushi lunch box for my kids. I do admit, I love it!

To give you a better idea, this tool is basically like a sushi rice press. Here is the step by step instruction.

Step by Step – How to Make perfect california roll with sushi mold :

1. Put sushi rice up to 2/3 in the container

2. Make a dent in the center

3. Place filling/ topping that you like in the center dent (For California Roll, I used Crab stick, cucumber and avocado)

4. Cover the filling with sushi rice

5. Place the lid part and press

6. Remove the lid and place the sheet of Nori seaweed

7. Flip over the whole thing

8. Press the push plate on the back of the mold to push the rice out

9. Wrap the roll with roasted seaweed

10. Cut into 8 pieces

Step by Step – How to make California Roll with sushi mold

And Voila! You can make the perfect sushi roll in just 5 mins!

I have tried few different sushi molds, but this one is definitely my favorite. It feels sturdier than the other ones and the rice doesn’t stick because the surface is embossed. Also I’ve been washing it in dish washer and didn’t see any problem, even though the product description says that it’s not dishwasher friendly.

I made the traditional California roll this time, but you can change the filling and make all different kinds of sushi!

Everyone’s Favorite – California Roll

Here are some ideas for different fillings:

Spicy Tuna roll

Mix mayonnaise, sriracha source, and tuna and add salt and pepper to taste.

Roll this tuna filling with a slice of avocado and you can make nice spicy tuna roll.

Salmon Avocado

I normally use salmon sashimi, but if you can’t find it, you can also use smoked salmon with a slice of avocado.

Tuna and cucumber

I used sashimi tuna, but you can use seared ahi tuna as well and a strip of cucumber

Vegetarian roll

I like to use cooked carrots cut into a thin strip, cooked green beans, tofu cutlet cut into a thin strip

If you are a sushi lover and want to make homemade sushi for the first time, I highly recommend trying this tool. You’ll be happily surprised how easy it is to make a perfect sushi roll. Now you can throw a sushi party at home with confidence and no stress. I hope this post was a helpful sushi hack for you all!

Have a wonderful rest of the memorial day weekend and enjoy the official start of the summer!



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