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Mini Sushi Appetizer – Wisteria Flower Sushi

I love the combination of appetizer and cocktail or glass of prosecco,

especially on Friday evening after a busy work week. If I can start the weekend with a plate full of cute and colorful appetizers with a nice refreshing drink, that’ll be enough for me to go through the craziness of the week.

Moreover, if I can sit outside in nice warm weather, sharing them with some old friends to catch up and have a fun conversation, that’ll be more than perfect!

Luckily the weather is getting warm here in NY and is the perfect season to sit and eat outside.

This past Friday was one of those nice warm evenings. I was walking back from work passing through Madison square park and the park was filled with people sitting on the bench. The restaurant with outside tables was filled with people as well, enjoying the feel of summer starts.

Actually, the official start of the summer here is the memorial weekend, so it is only a week away!

Today, I’d like to introduce this cute wisteria sushi for your appetizer plate to start off the first summer weekend!

Perfect mini sushi appetizer

This cute mini sushi will be perfect for an appetizer for many reasons.

5 Reasons to try out mini appertizer sushi

1. It’s cute and colorful!

2. It’s mini bite size

They are perfect finger food for the nibble and won’t fill you up too much before dinner. It’s also a great size for small children if your guest will bring their kids as well.

3. It’s super easy to make

It doesn’t require a perfect rolling skill cause you’ll press them to shape in a teardrop shape. So it’s much easier to make than a regular sushi roll.

4. It’s customizable and good for a different diet.

You can change the filling to make it vegan so your vegetarian friends can enjoy them as well.

5. Perfect to decorate around the plate

You can get store made sushi, arrange them in the center of the plate, then place this wisteria sushi around the plate. That will make the perfect party plate.

For drink, I’ve been wanting to try this sake champagne which I think it’ll go perfect with this sushi.

If you are having friends over the next weekend to celebrate the start of the summer, please try these! I’m sure you and your guest will love them!

Have a great rest of the weekend and week ahead, and enjoy the rest of the spring!



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