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Temari Sushi for the Children’s Day celebration

Few days ago, I received an email from Shutterfly reminding me “my memories of 7 years go”  with my kid’s photos that I printed 7 years ago. I know that this is just their marketing tactic, but I actually do enjoy these reminders.

My kids look so much smaller and cutter and I really missed those times! Now they are 11 and 13 years old, true tweens and almost the same height as me. To them, I’m not that mom that they want to spend all their time with anymore…. but looking at those picutures, I realized how much and how well they have grown, and I was very thankful for that.

Celebration of “Children’s day”

Today the May 5th is the “Children’s day” in Japan called “Kodomo no hi” and we celebrate kids healthy growth and wishing their happiness.

It’s a national holiday in Japan and has been a day of celebration since ancient times according to wiki ! Many Japanese decorate the day with the carp-shaped flag called “Koinobori”, samurai doll and/ or small kabuto (Japanese traditional samurai helmet).

So today, I made this celebration sushi, shaped like “Koinobori” (carp flag) and Kabuto, wishing my kids’ health and happiness.

Temari Sushi

As you can see, this sushi is not really a sushi roll. It’s called “Temari Sushi” which is more like a small rice ball with toppings. It’s much easier to make and doesn’t require all the tools that I wrote about in my previous post. All you need is to make a small ball of sushi rice, shape it and decorate with toppings.

You can arrange Temari sushi in many different ways by mixing different ingredients into sushi rice or changing the toppings.

For instance, I made this flower “Temari Sushi” with a thin slice of “Kamaboko” fish cake

All you need to do is:

  • make a small rice ball

  • wrap with 5 slices of “Kamaboko”

  • shape it with plastic wrap

  • place small topping in the center of the flower.

I used the scrambled egg York for yellow parts and Ikura (raw salmon egg) for red part.

If you’d like to see all the different and beautiful Temari Sushi, please check out my “Tamari Sushi” Pinterest board. There are so many variations in different colors and they look gorgeous when you lay out several of them together. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do for your inspiration to make your own Temari Sushi!

You can also find the recipe of my “Koinobori” (The carp flag)Temari Sushi in below and “Kabuto” (Samurai Helmet) Sushi in recipe page. I hope you will try them to celebrate your children’s day with your child. I’m sure these sushi will make your kids really happy and excited. It is a good reminder for us, parents, to be thankful to our child’s growth.

Happy Children’s day and wishing all the child’s health & happiness from NYC.



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