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Flower Sushi Roll

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

This sushi will definitely add more colors on your table! It needs to go through a few more steps than making a regular sushi roll, but it’ll be worth it. Everyone will love it and in awe of your sushi art!

The other fun thing is that you can mix different ingredient to the rice to make them in a different color. I normally use beets juice to make it pink and mashed pumpkin for yellow. You can use mashed spinach to make it green or cooked and mashed carrots for orange etc…

For the center part, I used Tamagoyaki (thick Japanese omelet) cut into a small tube shape, but you can use round stick cheese as well. If you want to make Vegan Sushi, you can use cooked carrots cut into small tubes shape also, or cook asparagus. The great thing about sushi is very adaptable to different types of diet and you can easily make them into a vegetarian or vegan version!

The below recipe box has all the detailed instruction, but here is the quick reference card to show the outline of the steps.

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