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Koinobori Temari Sushi

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

May 5th is the “Children’s day” in Japan called “Kodomo no hi” .

It’s a national holiday in Japan and has been a day of celebration since ancient times.

Many Japanese decorate the day with the carp-shaped flag called “Koinobori” and/ or small kabuto (Japanese traditional samurai helmet) and celebrates the childs’ healthy growth and happiness.

Here is the recipe for Koinobori (The carp flag) Temari Sushi that I made for this year’s children’s day celebration.

As you can see, this sushi is not really a sushi roll. It’s called “Temari Sushi” which is more like a small rice ball with toppings. It’s much easier to make and doesn’t require all the tools that I wrote about in my previous post. All you need is to make a small ball of sushi rice, shape it and decorate with toppings.

Certainly this sushi will be a perfect addition for the celebration and I can bed your kids will love them!

I hope you’ll enjoy them!



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