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How to make Rainbow Sushi Roll

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Happy Pride day!

It’s a special day to many New Yorkers, as well as to the thousands of people who are visiting from all over the world to join the celebration. I hope to catch the parade later today, which is so colorful, vibrant and fun, to show my support for the LGTBQ community.

As a part of pride celebration, I shared how to color rice in all different colors with basic natural ingredients in my previous post. Today I’d like to share how to make rainbow sushi roll by using all of those colorful rice that we made last time.

I remember that the rainbow food, aka unicorn food, was kind of a trend in a few years ago. I used to see many rainbows colored food on Instagram and Pinterest. It seems that the trend has died down, but I could see many rainbow foods came back again in this month with pride month celebration in mind.

So when I searched on the internet to see if there is an easy & cute looking rainbow roll recipe and there were quite many. But I thought this recipe looked to be easier and prettier than others, so decide to try out.

You can see my arranged version in below recipe box with step-by-step instruction. Here are a few more tricks that I thought was helpful.

1 – Plan your design before you make it

You can download the patterns from here, so print it out on paper and think about where/ which color you’d like to lay out in the pattern. The color you will layout in the center will take up more space, so I’d place the main color that you want to use in the center line. You can color the paper and roll it, so can get the better idea where each color will be placed in the roll.

2 – Think about the gradation of color

The regular rainbow color order is:

= Red

O = Orange

= Yellow

= Green

= Blue

= Indigo

= Violet

It will look more like a rainbow if you layout the color in this order. I’d try out few different patterns/ layout of the color keeping in mind the size of eah lines.

3 – Color the rice before you roll your sushi

I’d color the rice first in all the color you want use before rolling sushi. Please make sure to cover them in wet paper towel to avoid being dry.

4 – Tape the paper pattern and Plastic Wrap 

Tape the 4 corners of patterns and plastic wrap to the table before you layout the rice on top of it. It prevents the paper patterns and plastic wrap to move around while you try to lay out the rice and it’s much easier.

5 –  Try using a colorful combination of filling

I’d look for colorful filling as well, like crab meat, eggs, red & yellow pepper, avocado, cucumber, etc…. so it looks even more colorful inside when you slice them.

This could be a great fun roll for kids birthday parties. I know from my experience, Kids would eat veggies if they are wrapped inside sushi!

I hope you will try this rainbow roll and enjoy them! If you’ll make them,  please leave a comment in below. I’d love to hear your thought and experience! That will definitely brighten up my day!

Thank you again for reading and have a wonderful rest of the weekend and week ahead!



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