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Celebrate birthday with Wagashi Making Lessons!

Birthday Fun in New Jersey

On June 29th, Temari NY had the pleasure of hosting a private Wagashi making lesson for a birthday party in New Jersey. The event was a delightful success, with seven participants – two adults and five children – all eager to dive into the world of Japanese sweets.

Crafting Nerikiri Delights

The group crafted two adorable rabbits and vibrant roses in pink and yellow using the traditional nerikiri technique. The hands-on experience was both delicious and creative, making it a memorable party for everyone involved.

The birthday celebration was filled with laughter and creativity, leaving everyone with sweet memories.

**Temari NY offers customized Japanese sweets making lessons for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. Want to create wonderful memories together? Contact Temari NY today to book your unique Wagashi experience!**



Temari NYではユニークで魅力的なお祝いのために、カスタマイズされた和菓子作りレッスンを提供しております。誕生日や記念日、その他特別な日のお祝いに最適です。ご一緒に素敵な思い出を作りませんか?

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